A change in the wind..

So, something amazing happened the other day. I don't know what your thoughts on mediums or psychics are, personally I am not a huge believer, but I do find it fascinating. Rob doesn't believe in anything like that so the thought that I could, really baffles him, but we're all different and that's what makes... Continue Reading →


Your Voice – Gemma Barron

Aww baby loss, miscarriage... the greatest taboo of all..I was unsure what to write about at first, so many will talk about when they lost their baby, but for me you see, I can't write about when I lost my baby. Because I have lost 20. Yes 20. So which one do I tell you... Continue Reading →

A Childless Fathers Day.

To all the daddies who have lost their little ones I dedicate this poem I wrote to you! I wrote it for Rob but realised it was too long to fit in a card, so we decided to post it on here for you all to share. Be kind to yourselves today and know you... Continue Reading →


When something bad happens you expect that you will, in return, receive an answer as to why said bad thing happened. Today I thought might be the day we get our answer, however, sadly we did not. After 10 weeks and 1 day since we lost our boy, we finally met with our consultant to... Continue Reading →

Your Voice – Holly Burdett

Hi everyone! I’m so pleased to be able to share my story with you all and hopefully some if not all of my experience will be easily relatable. In my blogs I like to be very open, honest and raw. To put my baby loss story into perspective I feel I need to introduce myself... Continue Reading →

Photographs & Memories

Have you ever just stopped and stared at a photograph and wished so badly you could jump back in and replace the person looking back at you? I have...many a time, but not as much as I have these past two months. How time flies. How it passes by and takes parts of you with... Continue Reading →

Your Voice – Courtney James

Hiya, my name is Courtney, have two children, both have my heart, the only difference is i only get to watch one of them grow up. Losing a child you are made to feel like you should have your crap together because the world keeps moving and yours is as upside down as it can... Continue Reading →


I'm wondering why I am actually so worried about returning to work, I mean yes, whilst Iv'e not yet braved doing a full shop on my own, or actually wondered round a shop and enjoyed myself, Iv'e still been around people and put myself in situations. Most I have instantly regretted, whilst others have been... Continue Reading →

If Only…

This weekend my mind has been full of 'if only's' and 'what if's', it's completely draining when your mind wont switch off. I had to cancel plans and re think what I would do. I hate it. Iv'e been thinking a lot about Charlie's due date. We planned the week we lost him that we... Continue Reading →


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